What is Parental Alienation?

There is no strict definition of Parental Alienation in English law, but it is generally taken to describe a situation where a child has been deliberately manipulated, coerced or otherwise pressured to align themselves to one parent by the other parent. Usually, the consequence of Parental Alienation is that contact between the alienated parent and… Continue reading What is Parental Alienation?

Is mediation right for you?

Mediation is not for everybody, but it is a good option for many.  It is important that both parties feel safe and supported during mediation. Therefore, before a mediation starts the mediator will assess whether there are any safety concerns and whether the couple and their issues are suitable for mediation. Both parties need to… Continue reading Is mediation right for you?

When does dependency end? Adult children in the family courts

The Metro newspaper recently reported that there are 2.4million 20-34-year-olds still living with their parents in the UK. Given the current state of the housing crisis, these figures come as no surprise. What happens then, when the parents of these adult children decide to split up? Will their housing needs be considered? Will child maintenance… Continue reading When does dependency end? Adult children in the family courts

In what circumstances is a local authority’s duty under ChA 1989, s 20 triggered? (R (on the application of Cunningham) v Hertfordshire County Council)

Family analysis: When does the local authority assume responsibility for a ‘child in need’ or ‘looked after child’? David Josiah-Lake, solicitor and collaborative family lawyer at Josiah-Lake Gardiner, discusses the issue in the recent case of R (on the application of…

Same Sex Parenting (The Male Perspective)

The desire to be a parent is not specific to gender or sexual orientation. In the past, for many gay men the decision to come out as gay was often coupled with an acceptance that they would never be a parent. Societal norms (and the facts of biology) taught them that…