Do I still get Half even if I do Nothing?

David acted for a very successful female executive (W) in financial remedy proceedings at the Central Family Court whose husband (H) had chosen to give up work as he ‘wanted to take a career break’.


W who was aged 45 was a senior partner in a successful business earning a large six figure salary. H who was also aged 45 had, by the time W instructed David, been unemployed since giving up work without agreement from or consultation with W some 3 years previously. He was a bit of a ‘bully’. No prizes for guessing the reason for the tension in the marriage and the subsequent decision by W to divorce H.

Theirs was a 20 year relationship (17 of which as a married couple).

Both parties continued to live at the family home, a London property worth in excess of £1.35m.

Their three children were aged 12, 10 and 6. H claimed to be their primary carer by virtue of his decision to give up work. In reality W remained their primary carer, despite an exhausting work schedule.

H sought a child arrangements order providing for the children to spend equal time with each of the parents.

He sought a larger than one half share of the sale proceeds of the family home, half of W’s pensions and substantial maintenance.

Unsurprisingly, this was not agreed.

Outcome/Judge’s order

After a hearing before a High Court Judge, it was decided that the children would continue to live with W and to have limited contact with H (one overnight per fortnight).

H was awarded ZERO maintenance and NO share of W’s pension assets.

H was though given £500k in return for the transfer of his interest in the family home to W.

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