Barlow’s Cohabitants and the Law, 4th edition by David Josiah-Lake (2/6)

As David says in the introduction to the book, with Brexit sucking all the air out of the room (well, out of the legislative chamber in Parliament), it is unlikely that there will be any significant developments with regard to the law affecting cohabitants/unmarried families and no ‘divorce law equivalent’ affording rights to cohabitants for some time.  The latest incarnation of the Cohabitation Rights Bill 2017-19 had its first reading in the House of Lords on 5 July 2017 but has been stalled ever since.  It has been 18 years since the last edition of Barlow’s Cohabitants and the Law and the profession as well as the many 3.3 million unmarried families/cohabiting couples desperately need Parliament to step up and address the continuing lack of clarity and certainty in many areas of the law affecting such family relationships.

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