What our our client say about us

‘David has a keen eye for detail, is approachable, very measured when at times I can be gung- ho about things and always takes the time to discuss strategies and options and to clearly explain when he feels that an action I have outlined would not be in the best interests of my daughter, me, or my case.’

testimonial 1

‘I found David to be very reassuring a great listener and someone whom I trusted completely without hesitation. He was a pleasure to work with. He at all times acted on my behalf, gave me his views on what I should be looking to achieve but also completely understood my concerns, my wishes and the goal I wanted to achieve. His explanation of the procedure involved left me with a complete understanding of the process. As a result of their aid, I obtained such a successful conclusion to the collaborative divorce that today, even four years after the agreement, my ex-wife and I and the children still maintain an extremely close and loving relationship. I count myself extremely fortunate to have met David and his team and firm.’

testimonial 2

‘From a customer service perspective, Rebecca was extremely diligent on managing my expectations, managing time frames and responses and dealing with the emotional turmoil of a client going through a divorce in the UK, whilst residing in Singapore. Her knowledge on all matters of the divorce, custody, access to children was exemplary. I would say that one of her many strengths was guidance and advice. She would ensure that I was informed of the legal prospective, but also how to manage, deal, negotiate, understand and ultimately complete the entire process. I could never accuse or feel she was driven by financial income of being a divorce lawyer.

On a number of occasions she would counsel me on how to communicate, negotiate, and proceed with my ex-wife amicably, rather than increasing the involvement of both sets of lawyers – but still ensuring that the lawyers were involved on both sides at the right times (rather than all the time). Whilst the firm is certainly not the largest in London, or the largest in international divorces, I could not have been happier with the overall service.

Some clients/lawyers focus on the “dollars and cents” of the result, however a key metric for myself was ultimately keeping my “sanity”, financially having a “fair” result and maximising the access to our son. Rebecca delivered on all these factors, and took steps to ensure that what was an emotionally challenging time, was not just bearable, but the first steps to moving forward in an amicable spirit with my ex-wife, ultimately for the sake of our son.’

Testimonial 3

‘Rebecca keeps a cool head even in the most demanding circumstances. She is blessed with high emotional intelligence which is vital in this area of law. She is understated in her approach but a tenacious negotiator who always has her client’s best interests at heart and will not be swayed from her strategy by the other side.’

testimonial 4

‘David Josiah-Lake is a cutting edge lawyer acting for a diverse array of clients and combines calmness with commerciality.’

testimonial 5

‘A pragmatic and constructive “A” player who combines her first acumen for the perfect judgement.’

testimonial 6

‘A dynamic and client sensitive player, who sports an “iron fist in a velvet glove.’

testimonial 7

‘A first class collaborative lawyer who will settle where possible, vigorously contesting when necessary.’

testimonial 8

Rebecca I simply do not have the words to thank you enough for every thing you have done for me, your professional manner, sympathetic ear, sense of reality and humour through out, has given me a very safe place to be during an emotionally horrible time.

I can now truly embark on my life and that feels good!

Take care and thank you so much again, simply couldn't have done it without you.

testimonial 9

Rebecca - Thank you.You are truly are and amazing and dynamic lady.

testimonial 10

Rebecca - Thank you so much for today. Don’t know what I would have done without you.

testimonial 11

Rebecca - Thank you once again for your professionalism, warmth, humour and support during the last two years. I am so glad that Jane recommended you.

testimonial 12

Rebecca - I'll certainly recommend you and your team to any of my friends or colleagues who might be in need of your services - and I've passed back positive comments to the person who knows Peter, who recommended you in the first place. Best wishes - and thanks again, Rebecca. It was nice that we even managed to laugh at some points along the way!

testimonial 13

Margaret - I am so grateful for your kind support, patience, compassion, guidance and the meticulous work you undertook on my behalf since we began this process.

testimonial 14

“David, Thank you again for (your) professional advice and honesty”.

testimonial 17

“David, Once again thanks very much for acting for me and if I know of anyone in my particular position who needs the services of an excellent Solicitors I will certainly recommend you”.

testimonial 18

“David, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help through this very difficult period in my life. I appreciate all your efforts and words and whilst I certainly don’t intend to go down this (divorce) route ever again I will certainly call on you again if I need a Solicitor”.

testimonial 19

“David, I should not let this opportunity pass without thanking you for your help throughout which has been invaluable”.

testimonial 20

“I would like to thank you for all the help (and patience) during this difficult time in my life. You answered all my questions directly and clearly, allayed all my concerns when they arose and made sure the whole situation was dealt with in a very professional and calm manner. I really appreciate everything you have done."

testimonial 21

“Many thanks for your help in sorting out the divorce”.

testimonial 22

“Thanks for your letter. It brought tears because it is the end of the chapter with you and you have been absolutely brilliant all the way through this case. I am sure all your clients feel the way I do because you are one heck of a solicitor and go well beyond the call of duty. I know you have saved me a lot of money because of your conscientiousness and integrity and I am very grateful. You are a special lady and I will always rave about you.”

testimonial 23

“Dear Rebecca, thank you so much for all your hard work and support ... I am really pleased with how things have turned out and I'm really happy with my life now.”

testimonial 24

“Thanks again for all your help you really have been most efficient. Kind regards”

testimonial 25

“Rebecca thank you very much for the job you did for me, I'm glad it’s over! All the best with the new firm, I will send anyone I can your way. Regards”

testimonial 26

“Hi Super Woman, woke up Saturday morning with a start thinking I was late for court! It’s only just beginning to sink in that it’s finally finished (almost). You and Mark got me a superb settlement. Again, I cannot thank you, your staff and Mark enough for your sterling efforts. Once again, many, many thanks to all involved. Kind regards. Best wishes.”

testimonial 27

“Thanks again Rebecca for everything, it’s been so nice to deal with someone who actually seems to care about the result rather than just how much we are going to pay them. Yours sincerely.”

testimonial 28

”David, you provide an amazing calm during an incredibly awful time. Life without that turmoil is most incredibly promising and I appreciate all of your help. I have already recommended you to a friend and will continue to do so.”

testimonial 29

Rebecca - 'I also cannot thank you enough on your outstanding quality of work!'

testimonial 31

Rebecca - 'I want to let you know that thanks to your amazing advice & kindness I found the strength to fight my corner... Your advice regarding the strategy I should take were absolutely vital in helping me tap into my "negotiator" mind-set.'

testimonial 32

Rebecca and Stacey - 'You both did a fantastic job fighting fire with fire and getting me through this very difficult time (the worst of my life for sure!). You were always the reasonable and logical side of the arguments and negotiations throughout my divorce... I am happy with the outcome.

I wish you both all the best and if I need to call upon you again (I hope not!) then I won't hesitate. I'll definitely be recommending you to any other unfortunate souls that could benefit from your fantastic legal skills.'

testimonial 33

Rebecca - "I can't thank you enough for all your professional advice and in the end I feel we achieved a good result. Thank you for putting up with my many queries and at times stupid questions. I wish you well too and will certainly recommend you to anybody who may need you."


testimonial 40

'Margaret, I take this opportunity to thank you for your patient and efficient advice.  I have been consistently impressed with your professionalism and kindness throughout this process and will certainly contact you again should the need arise.'

testimonial 41

'Margaret I would like to take this opportunity to say thanks very much to you for your kind attentions throughout and you have always made the process clear and painless.  I am most grateful to you also for the assistance you have given me throughout.'

testimonial 42

'Margaret, I am greatly relieved to have closure on this matter.  Thank you for guiding me through in such a friendly but totally professional manner.'

testimonial 43

'Divorce being recognised as one of the most stressful episode in any one’s life, we could not have been in better and more professional hands. Margaret at Josiah-Lake Gardiner definitely provided top-end of the market advice, unrivalled skills and experience as well as the ability to make you feel this was all going to be alright in the end.  Which it was.  Thank you so much.'


Dear Rebecca,

...I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Lewis for the fantastic job done, for the support you've given me and for the patience you've shown me during this difficult journey. You're a great and valuable team!

It was hard to realise what was happening and accept to be in that ridiculous situation, but I thank you for the professionalism you've always shown in dealing with it. You've always acted with honesty and reasonableness.

Rebecca, I'm not very good with words ... a simple THANK YOU is certainly not enough, but it is sincere.

I wish you a great future!


"Rebecca I cannot thank you enough for all your help.

You are a very special human being  and I will always be indebted to you."


"Dear Lewis,

Thank you very much for such swift closure of this matter...

I would also like to express my gratitude for such absolute first-class professionalism and efficiency I've had the pleasure to experience and benefit from throughout the process.

You made all of the solicitors I had dealt with in the past look like rookies.

I would not hesitate to return to you for your service in the future or recommend the same to others."


David was the best lawyer I could have chosen for the drafting of my pre-nuptial agreement. His substantial experience and calm demeanour made my pre-nup process both straightforward and reassuring. David was always on hand to answer my questions and made every effort to provide me with sound and holistic counsel. Thank you David

David was the best lawyer….