Testimonial 3

‘From a customer service perspective, Rebecca was extremely diligent on managing my expectations, managing time frames and responses and dealing with the emotional turmoil of a client going through a divorce in the UK, whilst residing in Singapore. Her knowledge on all matters of the divorce, custody, access to children was exemplary. I would say that one of her many strengths was guidance and advice. She would ensure that I was informed of the legal prospective, but also how to manage, deal, negotiate, understand and ultimately complete the entire process. I could never accuse or feel she was driven by financial income of being a divorce lawyer.

On a number of occasions she would counsel me on how to communicate, negotiate, and proceed with my ex-wife amicably, rather than increasing the involvement of both sets of lawyers – but still ensuring that the lawyers were involved on both sides at the right times (rather than all the time). Whilst the firm is certainly not the largest in London, or the largest in international divorces, I could not have been happier with the overall service.

Some clients/lawyers focus on the “dollars and cents” of the result, however a key metric for myself was ultimately keeping my “sanity”, financially having a “fair” result and maximising the access to our son. Rebecca delivered on all these factors, and took steps to ensure that what was an emotionally challenging time, was not just bearable, but the first steps to moving forward in an amicable spirit with my ex-wife, ultimately for the sake of our son.’